New year looking good at Fairways

It’s been a shaky start to 2020 with bushfires claiming many homes in our area and the whole community has been rocked by the devastation.

IMG_1402But things are looking up as the town pulls together to support families and businesses that have been hit hard.

If one thing has come out of this disaster, it’s how fortunate we are to live in such a close-knit, caring and proactive community. Families have received amazing support from our community, with groups rallying to supply sporting gear, school supplies, books, toys and musical instruments to make life seem a little bit normal.

Local fundraising groups Treading Lightly and Spend With Them have been incredible, raising funds to help businesses through this difficult time and also donating local business vouchers, from restaurants to clothing, for families in need.

While images of the devastation in our area have been flooding the news, so too have the stories of hope and fortitude. The South Coast has been put on the map as a caring and strong community, and I have spoken to people from out of the area that want to be part of that.

They are looking to relocate to the area to become involved in the community, whether to retire or raise their family – and who can blame them? We live in one of the most beautiful locations in the world!

Fairways Estate offers people a chance to be part of this sensational community. To be near the beach, the golf course and dozens of sporting, cultural, church and community groups which often become a second family.

If you have been considering building your dream home, we have various block sizes on offer to suit a range of budgets. You won’t just be building your dream home, you will become part of a real community, where people say hello in the streets and where people will lift you up when you are down.

If this is your dream, call me today to discuss how I can help make your dream a reality.

Lots are selling off the plan and the roads are almost complete.

Call Ben Pryde 0410 324 209.

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